Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pots, Pots & More Pots

I ventured South last weekend to Garden Essentials located in Turlock, which is the mecca for affordable ceramic pottery in the Central Valley. I was on the hunt for some pots for my patio makeover, and boy did I go to the right place!

The place stretches for what seems like miles (in actuality it's probably a couple of acres. . . ) and is filled to the brim with pots, pots, and more pots! These affordable gems are imported from China and Vietnam and come with easy-on-the-wallet price tags. In fact, a large majority of their pots are priced between $5 - $100!

Have you purchased any pots at a hardware or gardening store lately? I have, and they're not cheap! I paid half of what I would have paid at Lowes and came home with some really unique items!

All of the ceramic pots above were under $29!

Here's a peak at a corner of the patio where the new foo dog statues resides next to a potted Japanese maple tree. (We got the foo dogs from Garden Essentials as well!) Notice the surf board?! I'm still deciding if I should hang it on the wall, or just leave it propped up. 

We have a large variety of succulents. . . 

 I love me some birds of paradise! Lets just keep our fingers crossed these decide to bloom sometime!

This adorable little pot was only $4.99!

More succulents. . . 

The back patio wasn't the only spot to get a little face-lift by means of new pottery and plants. . .

The front of the house got a little love too! We potted a bougainvillea in a cobalt blue pot and I think it looks gorgeous. It adds just the right amount of color and curb appeal that we needed. 

Garden Essentials is located at 
6242 Taylor Court in Turlock, California
(209) 656-9528
If you live in the area and are looking for affordable ceramic pottery, this is your place!
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