Monday, June 6, 2011

Club Wedd

On Saturday my fiance and I had plans to go to the city to catch a San Francisco Giants game and go out to a nice dinner to celebrate my birthday (which is later this week.) Too bad it was pouring rain and the forecast called for thunder showers all day! Bummer. We decided instead to spend the day checking some items off of our giant wedding to-do list. We ordered our rings, made a few other decisions and worked on our gift registries! We braved the rain and headed to Target to go click happy with one of those registry guns. Anybody who thinks that's not an enjoyable way to spend a rainy day afternoon would be crazy! It was so much fun. (Probably more so for me than my guy!)

Target gives you a whole package of goodies when you begin registering that includes some coupons as well as an adorable catalog filled with all sorts of ideas of what to register for. It's filled to the brim with home decor eye candy! Check out a few pages;

Although we don't really need tons of stuff, as we have a fully furnished house (and of course in no way are we expecting gifts from guests) it was still a lot of fun to register for new loot! :) 
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