Friday, December 3, 2010

Make up Vanities

I was strolling through Goodwill yesterday and spotted this adorable vanity;

If you squint your eyes you can read the price tag. . . yep, $5.00 is all they were asking for this solid wood piece of furniture that just needs a little TLC and DIY makeover! I picture it painted a creamy white, combined with a gorgeous starburst mirror and lucite stool. It was in great condition and so full of potential that at only $5.00 I was dying to snag it the moment I saw it. Unfortunately, I don't have any where in my house for a vanity (darn it) nor did I have the means to transport it so it didn't come home with me :( Although in actuality I don't even really wear much makeup, let alone spend very much time getting ready, what girl wouldn't love to have her very own vanity area?! Any who, here's some images to feast your eyes on!

via Martha Stewart

via Country Living

via Decorpad

via Lonny

via Sunset

via Decorpad

Do you have a vanity area either in your bedroom or bathroom?

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