Friday, June 17, 2011

High Style Low Cost Ideas with The Way We Are!

TGIF! In keeping with the spirits around here, I have another friend stoping by today to share with you some chic and cheap decorating ideas! Leah from The Way We Are is here and I couldn't be more excited! She's honestly one of the nicest people ever, she has a fabulous home and and a gorgeous (growing!) family. If you aren't farmiliar with her blog, go check it out!

First of all I am so honored Mary asked me to do this guest post! When she asked me to talk about my absolute favorite thing... decorating on a budget.. I was even more thrilled! I am constantly doing little projects using very little money. Today I wanted to share with you all my latest two makeovers that cost me very little.

The first one is a coffee table that I found on Craigslist that was listed for $15. Whenever I get something off craigslist I always ask for a cheaper price so I ended up getting this table for $10! I decided to spray paint it with Rustoleum's white gloss spray paint and viola a gorgeous coffee table at a very affordable price!



The second project is a rug that I purchased at Ikea. On it's own it's a very plain ho hum rug but with a little masking tape and paint...



Tada! The rug cost $40 and the paint $25. I think it is a very chic rug for the cost of only $65!



I hope I have given you some good motivation and great inspiration to tackle your own inexpensive makeover projects!

Thanks again Mary!


Thank you so much Leah! Can you believe this girl is 7 months pregnant and still tackling projects like this? I applaud her! Take a peak at a few other rooms in Leah's house that she has worked her DIY magic on;

Can you tell I love her house and all of her creative, colorful, fun ideas?! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Adios!
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