Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mother's Day Gift

For mothers day I gave my mom this:

It was an empty paint can containing a home-made gift certificate redeemable for "One gallon of paint and painting labor" and tied with a pretty red bow! My mom has been wanting to paint her master bathroom for quite some time but hasn't gotten around to it. I thought I would do something a little non-traditional for Mother's Days and give the gift of paint and free labor! Please tell me I'm not the only crazy person out there that gives gifts like this to their closest family and friends?! 

Anyways, I spent part of the long weekend at my parents house painting and doing a little redecorating in their master bathroom. Here's the inspiration picture for the bathroom makeover:

My parent live in the country on a huge ranch where they grow all sorts of fruits and nuts. It's definitely a country house. As soon as I sent my mom the picture of this bathroom she was sold on the soft yellow color and was head over heals in love with the claw foot tub! Although I would have loved to have spent the weekend doing some demo work on the bathroom, major remodeling and a claw foot tub weren't included in my 'gift certificate' :) Sorry, Moma, just a few cosmetic changes!

The color we decided on was Benjamin Moore Lemon Sorbet; 

It's definitely a buttery, soft yellow which is exactly what I was after. The cheerful color looks amazing in the small bathroom. I'll share more pictures of the bathroom makeover once I put the finishing touches on it!

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