Friday, June 24, 2011

High Style, Low Cost Ideas with Design Manifest!

Today Naomi from the blog Design Manifest is here to share a cheap and chic lil project with you. I'm a huge fan of Naomi's blog. . . her style is so unique and inspiring! I love reading her posts, there is always something fresh and new that I have never seen before. So you can only imagine how excited I was that she agreed to stop by today!!


Hi everyone, I'm so happy to be over here sharing a little makeover. I used to consider myself incredibly un-handy. Drilling, hanging, recovering felt overwhelming and out of my realm. But little by little I've tackled small projects and gained confidence. If I can do this stuff, anyone can!
Last year I found these great stools from JC Penney. They were inexpensive and I loved the faux bamboo look, so I scooped up two of them. I knew I could simply screw off the top and spray paint the base. The shape of the cushion seemed easy enough to recover too.

I love stools because they can be used anywhere and are such an easy way to infuse personality into a space. You can go a little bolder because they are small. Plus the look is easy to change out. I opted to give them a bit of oomp by spray painting the bases fire engine red.

And then I recovered the tops in a pretty Balinese fabric my Mom had leftover.

They instantly felt more exotic and custom to me. Whenever I see them, they bring a smile to my face.

8 months later, I've moved and the decor of my new place is heading in a whole different direction. So I'm actually planning to change up the base and fabric on top. In a way it makes me sad to lose this pair, but I can always change it back if I want. Plus I'll always have the pictures!

So Cindy Crawford Stools VS My Stools... who wins in a boxing match?

** These particular stools are no longer available, but I wanted to point out that this could be done with any piece. Just find a stool with an interesting shape, add a bold color and a new fabric that makes you happy and boom amazing new stools for you!

Thanks so much for having me over, Mary! It was fun to share.


Did you know that Naomi is lucky enough to work as a father-daughter team with her dad, designing and renovating houses?! She's also pretty talented in the Ikea-hacking department if you ask me! Check this out:

And here's what the finished Ikea Rast cabinets looks like in her home;

I told ya the girl was brilliant! Happy Friday, everyone! :)

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