Friday, April 29, 2011

Turquoise Lamp Obsession

I find myself constantly incorporating turquoise lamps into design plans when working on a new project. There is just something so classic, yet so modern about the turquoise lamp and it works well in almost any style of interior. I love them in all shapes, sizes and materials, but ceramic and gourd-shaped happen to be my fave! Take a look at a few spaces incorporating this coveted trend;

 via Bonesteel Trout Hall

via House of Turquoise

via Decorpad

 via Velvet and Linen

via Coco and Kelley

via Miles Redd

 via Tobi Fairley

 via Decorpad

via It's Great to be Home

via Kristen Panitch

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via Grant K. Gibson

via Shelter

Here's a roundup of several gorgeous turquoise lamps in the low, mid and higher priced ranges;
Lamps available here, here, here, here and here.

Lamps available here, here, here and here.

Lamps available here, here, here and here

Want to know a secret?! I like to hunt for lamps at HomeGoods, TJMaxx and Marshalls. Their prices typically range between $20 - $80 and they have large selections of stylish lighting options! Here's a glimpse at the lamp isle at HomeGoods. I'm like a kid in a candy store every I see all those delicious colored lamps!!!


High-Style, Low-Budget Ideas with The Fabulous Design File

It's Friday, so that means we have another guest stopping by to share some ideas on how to save money but achieve high style! Today Carissa with The Fabulous Design File is here. If you're not already familiar with Carissa's blog, you should be! It's filled with loads of design inspiration, decorating ideas and DIY projects! Check out the stairway wall in her foyer, which happens to be one of my favorite spots in her house;

Isn't her gallery of art amazing?! And I love that it's a mix of family photos and art with specific meaning to everyone in her family! Read on for more art ideas from Carissa.

Hi JPM readers! It's Carissa from The Fabulous Design File. I was so excited when Mary asked me to participate in this guest series! I love finding ways to create a stylish home on a budget, whether it's by scoring a great bargain, finding a new use for something old, or by tackling a fun DIY project. I love the challenge, and I really believe that great style does not depend on a large budget. 

I thought I'd share one of my favorite money-saving decorating tips. We all know that fantastic art can really MAKE a space, and yet finding the right piece on a budget can be tricky. Here's the tip: find a print shop and create your own original art! You'll be surprised at how little it costs to get something unique and fabulous. I use a local print shop in my city, but you can also check out online sources like PosterBrain

Here are a couple of examples from my home. My subway-sign-inspired 'family rules' poster cost only $20, and it's 18" x 36". I stapled it onto an inexpensive stretcher fame, and voila! 

I also had a favourite picture of my two boys blown up to 3 feet x 5 feet and printed for only $60! It will make a dramatic statement in my family room once the renovations are complete!

The best thing about creating this type of art is that it is meaningful and personal, and looks much more expensive than it actually is!

Thanks again, Mary, for inviting me over today!

Thanks Carissa! Make sure you stop by her blog and say hello and see what other ideas and projects she has up her sleeve, like this DIY globe pendant chandelier, AMAZING!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Look for Less: Lantern Chandeliers

Lantern style chandeliers are pretty popular right now. Whether they are used in an entry, situated over a dining table or kitchen island, in a hallway or living area, they always look stylish!

via Decorpad

via Decorpad

via Decorpad

via A Well Dressed Home 

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via Diane Bergeron

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via Elle Decor

I have loved this lantern fixture from Chandelier Lighting from Pottery Barn for a while: 

 Originally priced at $269, this Gothic Lantern is marked down to $215 right now. 

But wait, it gets better. . . Check out what I found at Overstock

 Here's another variation of a lantern chandelier pendant available from Pottery Barn: 

Hundi Lantern, $269.00

Check out this look-a-like available at Overstock;

 I just love finding a good deal, don't you?!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Room of the day

via Lonny

I'm feeling bright and cheerful today, what about you?! The sun is shining and summer is just around the corner. I couldn't be happier! What's making you smile today?

Saying Goodbye

Do you think it's strange to have a sentimental attachment to a piece of furniture?!

Lets rewind and I'll start from the beginning. . . The year was 1989 and my parents bought a brand spankin new sleeper sofa. It was a grey-blue and had sort of a corduroy feel to it, a rounded back and sat low to the ground. I grew up with this sofa! At the time (late 80's, early 90's) it totally fit in with the 'southwestern' decor my mom had going on in our living room. It transitioned with us when we moved in the mid 90's and eventually it just became an eye sore. In 2002 I moved out of my parents house they let me take the sofa with me. It was still in good condition, sturdy as a rock and being a poor, furniture-less college student I happily accepted the offer and moved the sofa into my first apartment. I had the sofa for a couple of years until it got handed down to the next family member. And then the next, and then the next. Whether it was used in as-is condition, or combined with a slipcover, it was a functional piece of furniture and provided a pull out bed for guests which was always a plus. My younger sister Michele was the last person to get to be the proud owner of this family heirloom  hand-me-down.

Last summer I helped Michele spruce up her townhouse near the beach in Santa Cruz. We painted the walls, put up new curtains and a gallery wall of art, amongst other things. Here's a shot of the sofa I have been ranting about, in Michele's living room, before the new slipcover we purchased had arrived; 

Michele just recently moved in with her boyfriend John and they decided they wanted to buy a new sofa together. The old blue family sofa ended up on Craigslist. A day later two guys came and picked it up, for free. I never had a chance to say goodbye which makes me kind of sad :( It wasn't the prettiest or most comfortable thing in the world, it was over 20 years old and totally outdated, but it had sentimental value. You can laugh at me for saying this, but that sofa will always have a special place in my heart.

What about you, have you ever had a sentimental attachment to a piece of furniture?! Or am I the only crazy one?!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Plantation Design

Plantation Design ads have really been catching my eye lately! This retail store with locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Venice Beach offers an amazing selection of unique accessories, lighting and custom furnishings. I think the next time I am shopping in the city I need to check it out in person!

Isn't this vignette gorgeous?! I love everything about it from the white console table, the crystal lamps, the amazing shell mirror and stacked purple boxes. This has my name written all over it!

Here's a few more of their adds that are wonderfully styled and showcase some their gorgeous products available;

To see more, check out their website here

Friday, April 22, 2011

Cheap Chic: Small, Pretty Acessories from JourneyChic

Laura from JourneyChic is here today to kick off the guest-post series I will be running every Friday for the next two months. In case you missed the announcement, I've invited some amazing blogstresses to come on over and share some ideas with you on how to create a stylish and gorgeous home without spending a lot of money!
Hello JPM Design readers! I'm Laura from JourneyChic, a gal on a lifelong quest to find fabulous style at realistic prices, and help others make their homes and wardrobes more chic.

Sometimes the tiniest objects can have a real style impact while also serving an important function. Do you take your rings off when you wash your face, apply makeup, or do the dishes? Have you ever come dangerously close to losing your heirloom (or fantastic bargain find) down the drain? Recently I got sick of worrying about this potential catastrophe and went on the hunt for a ring dish.

Anthropologie is one of those stores that have loads of beautiful things I'd love to buy, but at prices that are just at the edge of what my wallet is willing to endure. So, I wondered if they might have a small ring dish at a reasonable price. Score! They have several pretty, interesting ceramic dishes all under $14!

I bought the Saguaro dish for myself (the flower), and the Sidekick Show-off (the dog) as a gift for a friend. Here's my dish, dressing up the toilet tank in my bathroom:

The dish rests in a capiz tray that I scored at HomeGoods, and the ring was my grandma's. The inscription (JAA 19) stands for "Junior Athletic Association, 1919" and she received it when her high school basketball team won the championship back in 1919. It goes without saying that this is an important piece that I wouldn't want to fish out of the drain with a coat hanger!

Although my dish is making my bathroom a bit more pretty, it would look equally lovely perched on a bookshelf.

Looking for a stunning ring to dress up your fingers and give yourself another excuse to pick up a pretty dish? Check out these finds, all under $45!

I must admit that the working title for this post was "Where to Keep Your Precioussssss" but I was worried that I might be the only Lord of the Rings fan in the group. Now you know I have a geeky side. :)

Thank you so much for having me, Mary!
And a really big thank you to Laura for stopping by! I am loving the ring dish she has in her bathroom, and how special is that ring from her grandmother?! If you haven't already visited JourneyChic, you should! She has tackled some really great DIY projects and is constantly sharing chic and cheap decorating and organizing ideas with her readers as well as fashion picks, craft projects and more. If only I lived closer to Boston, we'd totally be friends in real life!

Notice the new look?! Just like when you have visitors stop by your house and you scramble at the last minute to get the place looking decent, I did the same with the blog! I finally figured out how to change the width so that I can post bigger (and better) images. It was super easy, it makes me wonder why I put it off so long!

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