Thursday, July 29, 2010

G'day Mate!

Does everyone have a bucket list? Ya know. . . an itemized agenda of things you want to do before you die? Well, I sure do. Amongst my list is to visit Australia someday. There's so many reasons why I would love to travel there. . . 

 . . . The fantastic coastlines and surf, unique wildlife, diverse climate,  the great barrier reef and Melbourne Opera House, just to name a few! Well, now I have one more reason I want to make the long journey to Australia!

Anna Spiro of Black & Spiro Interior Design (and the blog Absolutely Beautiful Things) just unveiled her new store in Brisbane, Australia last week. The new shop is chalked full of bright and fun decor, and full of color and sophisticated inspiration!

Someday I'll make the long trek down under to check it out in person! A twelve hour flight from Los Angeles isn't too, too bad, right?!

What about you, what's on your 'bucket list'?!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wedding Wednesday!

Every so often I stumble upon a wedding that stands out like no other. I first spotted this gorgeous event on my favorite wedding site, Style Me Pretty. After drooling over the images for almost an hour and picking apart every single little detail, trying to figure out why I loved it so much, I still wanted to see MORE! After a little Google search I found out that the featured bride actually owns her own floral design business in Los Angeles, JL Designs, and has a blog! Lucky for me, I was able to get a better glimpse at the details, photogoraphy and all around gorgeousness that made up this chic Malibu wedding.

The event took place at a private, ocean side residense in Malibu over labor day weekend in 2008 .Once the venue was set, the bride describes their planning process by stating that "we wanted something people hadn't experienced before as a wedding setting...something laid-back, relaxed, free-flowing...but nothing overly trendy...kind of a 'classic modern' look..." I think they successfully accomplished this, and much much more!

Family heirlooms such as her grandmothers and grandfathers rings, mothers pendant, etc were strung onto a necklace and attached to the brides bouquet of white phalenopsis orchids . Not only is this a sentimental touch, but gorgeous as well! 

Here's the bridesmaids bouquets with a touch of bohemian glam added by way of gold broaches. I love the use of succelunts you see throughout the wedding, in addition to all the white orchids, callalillies and roses.

Instead of a traditional pillow for the ring barer to carrier, they opted for a large chunk of coral to hold the rings instead. I don't think you can get more creative than that!

The couple wanted something different for seating than the typical white folding chairs so they opted for benches which optimized the view. Pure genius!

 The reception was based on the idea of a "free flowing environment" as apposed to a stuffy, sit down dinner. They created a lounge environment with cabanas, ottomans, banquettes, coffee tables, and highboy tables.

The groom is an architect and wanted to incorporate something 'structural' into the design of the wedding. He designed a geometrical, modern style cake. The bride designed and had the lucite stand fabricated which includes manzanita branches, crushed glass and white coral. This has to be the most unique wedding cakes I have ever seen!

Don't you love seeing what professionals in the wedding business create for their own special day? I certainly do! For more details on this fabulous Malibu wedding you can check it out here and here

Monday, July 26, 2010

Gone Country

I'm a big fan of country music, and always have been. Imagine how excited I was to get to see Faith Hill in concert on Friday night! She's drop dead gorgeous, an uber talented singer and a country music icon who I have adored for a while now. I've always consider myself a 'country girl' at heart. (My parents live on a farm, I was raised in a home that had quilts hanging on the walls and rooster decor, and my dad was a rodeo star back in his day, so it's sort of in my genes!) Although my specific design tastes are anything BUT country, I can appreiciate the elements that make up this style.

That got me thinking. . . what defines 'Country' when it comes to decorating? No, it's not just rooster chotchkies and denim quilts. 'Country' style is defined by being casual, cozy and comfortable. This style makes use of rustic and primitive pieces, but it's really the simplicity that defines it. The layering of different patterns, colors and textures contribute to the feel as well. A better word for "country" home decorating might be "lived in" or "at home" look. It can mean a lot of different places and eras ranging from "English Country" to "Rustic Americana". Country style decorating suggests a sense of  comfort, hospitality and the friendliness that comes with living in the country.

Take a look at a few of these spaces that have that casual country vibe going on. They are all very nicely decorated, but feel comfortable and inviting and not at all stuffy or pretentious. They're the kind of place that no one will yell at you if you kick your feet up (or come in the door with manure on your boots for that matter :)

And speaking of country folk, are ya'll farmiliar (yes, I'm from California and I just said 'ya'll' :) with The Pioneer Woman? I bought her cookbook for my mom for Christmas I have been hooked ever since! She's an amazing blogger that writes daily about her transition from spoiled city girl to domestic country wife. She's a  mother of four, lives on a cattle ranch and refers to her husband as 'Marlboro Man'. I love it!

images via Country Living, Sarah Richardson and various other unknown sources

Friday, July 23, 2010

Look for Less: Quatrefoil Mirror

I've been a long time fan of the quatrefoil motif. In jewelry, furnishings, fabrics, etc., it's a classic pattern that never goes out of style.

The quatrefoil mirror has become a huge staple in interior decor, much like starburst mirrors.


Imagine my delight when I spotted this quatrefoil mirror at, none other than, Lowes! What's great about it is that it is a good size measuring 30" x 30" and it's only $64.97. High style at a super low price! I love it!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yikes! This week has somehow gotten away from me, but thank goodness it's Thursday already! I played hooky yesterday and stayed home all day to get some stuff done around MY house. I feel like I am continually trying to play catch-up. Such is life! Here's a random assortment of fabulous images - no rhyme, no reason, no theme, no scheme, no purpose, just beautiful things that make me smile!



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