Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Simple Pleasures

There is nothing that will pull a bedroom together quite like matching the headboard to the bed skirt. This makes my eyes happy and puts a smile on my face every time!

via Palmer Weiss

Modern meets Morocco!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Pour me another one!

Two years ago the boyfriend and I lived in a large rental home, with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. We were just starting out together and didn't have enough furniture to fill up the place! There was an oddly shaped room off of the kitchen that was approximately 9' wide by 18' long. It had a fireplace, but wasn't wide enough to be considered a separate family room. It was more of a pass through space to get outside to the large covered patio, pool and backyard.We turned the otherwise wasted space into a swanky lounge of sorts. We purchased a bar from World Market, a couple of bar stools, a rug and a light fixture and started calling it the 'bar room'. This room also housed the boyfriend's large humidor filled with his vast collection of cigars. He is what you might call a 'cigar aficionado' and has hundreds, if not thousands of cigars! He had been saving the labels off of them for a while and I decided that we needed to put them to good use.

We took his collection of cigar labels and used them to transform our store bought bar into something very unique! We sanded the top of the bar and then then spent a couple of hours every night meticulously gluing down each and every cigar label with Modge Podge. It took SO long to do, but after the entire top of the bar was covered with cigar labels, we used a pour on resin to protect it. This took several coats. The end result turned out spectacular!

Fast forward two years and we now live in a teeny-tiny house and don't have the luxury of having a 'bar room'. The bar is now tucked into a corner of our kitchen, pushed up against the wall and serves the purpose of a banquet more so than an actual bar. If I need to access the glasses or bottles inside of it, I have to move the large, heavy piece of furniture away from the wall, which is very inconvenient. I am thinking I might add a tray on top filled with frequently used bottles and glasses, add a lamp, some artwork and maybe a few other bar accessories to define the space. I'm using these images as inspiration! 

via Habitually Chic

 via Shelter

via Lonny

  via Lonny 

Speaking of bars and entertaining, bar carts have become quite popular, I've noticed! There's something very vintage feeling about them, but they have made a come back and are popping up all over the place. Whether you entertain guests a lot, or enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine in the evening, I love the idea of incorporating a area in your home exclusivly for this purpose!

via Cote de Texas

via Chinoiserie Chic

via Houzz

via Plush Palate

via Habitually Chic 

If you don't have a bar, or a bar cart you can always use a small console table or tray table to create a space for bottles, glasses and bar accessories!

via Lonny 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer time and the livin's easy

Where I live, it's not really summer until the temperatures reach triple digits. Usually, this happens around July. Well, the weather this year has been awfully strange - we had temps around 100 degrees in early June, and then Spring like weather the rest of June, July and August. Until now!! Yesterday was 103 and today it's supposed to be 106 out! While everyone else is calling it the 'end of summer' and preparing for and looking forward to fall, I however am embracing all things summer and holding onto it as long as I can!

Check out this beach house located in Carpinteria, California (which is between Santa Barbara and Ventura.) While the home is located on the Pacific coast, it somehow has a very Atlantic feel to it. I am loving all the white walls, slipcovered furniture and subtle turquoise and blue accents combined with texture, texture, texture! It's a casual beach house with an elegant feel to it, and has my name written all over it!

 To see more of this gorgeous beach house, go here.

What about you, are you embracing all things summer related as long as you possibly can? Or, are you looking forward to the arrival of fall?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Room of the day

I'm loving all the various metallic finishes in this space! The combination of golds, silvers and bronzes, joined with blushy hues of pinks and mauve's has my head spinning! Metallics have an alluring quality to them, and are very popular in home decor right now, and I can see why!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Best news I've heard all day!

I used to have a friend who ran a local drapery work room. I've done business with her since 2006 and was always pleased with the service, quality of work and low rates that she provided. When the economy started going south and business slowed down a year ago, she moved out of state to be close to family and I was devastated! Well, I just got a call from her this morning and she has moved back to California and re-opened her shop! I couldn't be more ecstatic! She has great rates on everything from custom window treatments to pillows to upholstery and does amazing, quality work. If I can design and draw it, she can make it! I'm looking forward to working with her again on upcoming projects.

Contact me if you are interested  in a quote for custom draperies, roman shades and other window treatments, bedding, pillows, cushions, or table linens. Shipping services are available to anyone in the US!

Friday, August 20, 2010

House Love

Ya'll remember Karen, the boozy, wisecracking, catty character on Will & Grace? She was always my favorite! Well, Megan Mullally and her husband Nick Offerman's (also an actor) Hollywood home is featured in this month's issue of Elle Decor. I'm loving the all the electric colors anchored by white walls and neutral furnishings! Here's a quick peak, but to read the entire articly, go here. Enjoy!

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a fantastic, late-summer weekend!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Chair Saga

When my grandma passed away ten years ago we had the lovely pleasure (or chore, however you look at it) of sorting through all of her belongings and deciphering what to keep, what to giveaway and what to throw out. There were two things of hers that I knew I really wanted to keep; One being her turquoise necklace that I had admired since I was a little girl, and two, a pair of chairs she had in her living room for several decades. Lucky for me, no one else in the family wanted these two treasures! The turquoise necklace is tucked away in a special box (and I plan on wearing it on my wedding day) and the two chairs have followed me from apartment to apartment, house to house over the course of the last several years. I love them because I feel like they are my little slice of mid-century, modern chair history, although I was always unsure of their exact period, designer, maker, etc. 

A few months back, I started recognizing MY CHAIRS in photos of interiors I spotted from various sources on the web. Spotting MY CHAIRS confirmed that they must in fact be something special! I did a little bit of research online, trying to figure out who they were designed by, but I didn't have any luck at the time.

One evening last week I was sitting on the sofa watching TV, and glanced over at the bookshelf. I randomly noticed a book that I hadn't picked up in a while (1,000 Chairs) so I casually got up, grabbed it and started flipping through the pages. As if some magical force in the universe was pulling me towards it, I opened up a page and here is what I saw:

Turns out this chair, the Folding PP-512 Chair for PP Møbler, was designed by Hans Wegner in 1949. I immediately jumped online to start researching it more! What I found is that this folding chair is a popular Danish design and largely known on an international scale! It was Wegner's ambition to create an armchair, which could be stowed away easily. He solved this by designing a chair that could fold in half and could be hung on the wall. It provides handles for this purpose that also look good in the overall aesthetic of the chair's design.

This chair came back into production in 1991 and you can buy them new here. Of course they come with a cool price tag of $5,400! 

Now, the only thing I needed to find out, was if MY CHAIRS were the real thing, or some impostor, knock off. If they were indeed a PP 512, designed by THE Hans Wegner, they would be worth a lot of money and have this insignia on the back of them:

Unfortunately, when I moved into my teeny-tiny house a year and a half ago, I didn't have room for the two chairs, so they have been in storage out at my parents house since the last move. When I had the chance this last weekend, I made the trek out to the country and anxiously went digging through my parent's storage container in hopes to find this insignia on the backs of my chairs!

Well. . . turns out they aren't originals, and I'm a little bummed, but that's ok! After a little more research I found out that there are a lot of Yugoslavian knockoff versions out there, and I am assuming mine are of that nature.

I guess I'm not the only one in my family that loves great design and high style at a low price! I still love the chairs, as they remind me of my Grandma Jaynie and her uber-cool, mid-century, modern, ranch style house.

images via Flickr, Apartment Therapy, and various other unknown sources

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Event Styling Services by JPM Design

In addition to interior design and decorating, JPM Design offers Event Styling Services

Styling is one of the integral components in creating a successful event. As you can tell from the weddings and special events that I feature on this blog, event decor isn't just about flowers, it's about creating an atmosphere!

The fundamental role of an Event Stylist is to work with you to translate your visions into a special celebration, that truly reflects YOU! We'll work together, one-on-one to design, plan, and coordinate your wedding, social, corporate or celebratory event! No party is too large or too small!

If you are interested in JPM Design's Event Styling Services, contact me for further information. Lets start the planning and designing process today!

note: images in this post are from unknown sources

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Essential elements for creating a stylish entry

The entrance sets the tone as to what your home is all about! Foyers and entries don't just need to be a beautiful representation of the homes' inhabitants, they need to function well too. There's a secret little formula I like to use when decorating entryways and foyers. Ok, it may not be a secret, or rocket science for that matter, but it's my no-fail combination of furniture and accessories that will create a stylish and welcoming entrance into any home!

via Decorpad

1. First off, you need a killer console table. Whether it's a chest of drawers or a rectangular or demilune shaped console, the table you choose sets the stage for your entry!

 via Jan Showers

via Design Actually

via Domino

2. The second element that's necessary to create a stunning entry into a home is a mirror. Yes, artwork can work well in this space, but I think a mirror is much more functional. It's great for taking one last peek at yourself as you walk in or out the door and is also great for creating the illusion of space if you are tight on square footage.

 via Julie Richards

via Domiciled

3. Lighting, lighting, lighting. I can't say it enough! Lighting is probably the most important element in any room that gets overlooked more often than not! To create a killer entryway you need to have a either a lamp on your console table, sconces flanking the mirror, or a fabulous chandelier. One out of the three is a must, or a combination of two of these light sources is best. (All three would just be overkill, unless you are working with a very large foyer.)

 via Delight by Design

via Heather Clawson

via Things that Inspire

4. An arrangement of flowers is my last essential element in decorating an entryway. You can opt for a small potted plant instead, but I prefer fresh cut flowers or a potted orchid to add some life to the space. Even a simple flower bud placed in a small vase will do the trick as well!

 via Amanda Nisbet

via Decorpad

via Todd Romano

5. Extra bonus points if you can squeeze in seating of some sorts in your entry. It's functional when pausing to sort through mail, to slip on shoes before racing out the door, or to set a purse or bag on. This can be done by means of a chair, ottoman(s) or stool(s). My personal preference is (2) stools strategically placed underneath a console table or flanking each side of a chest of drawers.

via Betsy Burham

via Elements of Style

via Kelly Interior Design

6. Extra, extra bonus points if you have an accent wall done in wallpaper, a bold choice of paint , or interesting wall treatment that differs from the rest of your house. It helps make a bold statement and is great for a transitional space like an entry.

via Decorpad

via Lonny

7. Extra, extra, extra bonus points if you have an umbrella stand!

via Belle Maison

via Jonathan Adler

via Ashley Whittaker

Ok, I know what you are thinking. . . While all of these entryways and foyers are fabulous and stunning, and right out of the pages of a magazine, how can you make this equation fit into your home, without sacraficing the need for function?! Take a look at this space that includes all of my basic components for a stylish entry, but is also practical for everyday living.

 via Myhomeideas

Console, check. Mirror, check. Lighting, check. Flower arrangment, check. Seating, check. Bold choice of paint color, check. It even includes a place for keys, bills, junk mail, purse and scarve, a paper shredder, and charging center for cell phones. This is proof that you don't have to sacrafice style in order to achieve a functioning space! 

If you are like me and aren't fortunate enough to have a designated space in your home to call an 'entry' (ie: your front door opens directly into your living room) there are still ways you can deliniate the space and make it stylish! You can use a shelving unit or screen to create the illusion of a dividing wall, or even a low bookshelf or sofa table with a lamp placed on top to break up the two spaces.

via Decorpad

What does your entryway look like? Does it include any of the essential elements I've outlined? Or, is it more functional and include coat hooks, storage, etc?
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