Monday, March 21, 2011

New project: 10 year old girl's bedroom

I have another project in the works around my house; my soon-to-be step daughter's bedroom. She's going to be 10 in May and I am thinking about surprising her with a little room makeover. She has a lot of hand-me-down furniture pieces that are all great quality (a desk, dresser, large bookshelf) but they all need a little t.l.c. in the form of a good sanding and paint job. I have several ideas and she has even put in her two sense on what she would like her bedroom to look like. Here are some spaces I am using as inspiration to help give me a little kick in the pants to get started!

via Amanda Nisbet

via Atlanta Home & Garden

via Tobi Farley 

via Studio Ten

via Elle Decor

via unknown

via Brooke Giannetti 

via House & Home

via Amanda Nisbet

via Young House Love
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