Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dirty Dirty Dirty

Trying to get my mind out of the gutter. . . but it's not that easy!

In case you needed a giggle today, here ya go!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fantastic Teen's Bedroom

I needed to veer a little ways away from Christmas on this blog, just to remind myself why I am here, so I thought I would share this beautiful bedroom with you. I have seen the image above before, as it has been saved in my inspiration files for quite some time, but I had never seen the entire room until today when I spotted it on House of Turquoise (which happens to be one of my FAVORITE blogs!) It's designed by Margot Austin and photographed by Donna Griffith. I love, love, love the color palette, dreamy bed, painted furniture, cozy sitting area and functional work space. Perfect for a teenage girl! (Or maybe even me?!?!)



Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holiday Decorating!

What do you get when you combine $10 worth of ornaments from the Dollar Store, a wire hanger, a little bit of hot glue, and these instructions?!


(Sorry these pictures aren't the greatest, I was freezing my butt off last night trying to take some quick pictures. Did I mention it snowed here in Northern California yesterday?! Something that hasn't happened in almost ten years!)

 Here's a close-up. (Please ignore the fact that I haven't finished painting the front door yet. . .)

Here's some exterior shots of our holiday decor. The boyfriend did a great job with the lights and garland. I was pretty impressed, it was all his idea!

A close up of the garland.
I got a little crazy with the bow making. . .

And here is an interior shot of our cozy (and by cozy I mean teeny-tiny) living room, complete with kiddies snuggled by the fire!
 I had to put the tree up on an end table, otherwise it took up too much space and we couldn't walk into the room. This is the first time I have ever had a front window to put a tree in, and gosh darn it, it was going to go there! This picture was taken last weekend, and since then I have covered the base of the tree with more fabric and propped presents up against it, so it looks a little less like a random tree on a table.

I hope you enjoyed taking a peak at the holiday festiveness around my house!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Ornament Exchange!

If you haven't already visited Slip Cover Your Life, do so now! Erin is one of my favorite bloggers out there and she continually provides inspiration and tons of eye candy for us design junkies. She is putting on her first anual ornament exchange each day until Christmas to thank other bloggers out there that have supported and inspired her. I was so excited to be included! Check out the super cute ornament that she gifted me (and it is SO me :)

Here's what I have picked out for you, Erin. I hope you like it! It's from Anthropologie and I thought it would look cute on you pink and white tree!! Happy Holidays!!!

Snow Day!

 image via flickr

I have to admit that I have been ignoring my little blog lately, but thats only because things are pretty hecktic right now in my life. After the first of the year I plan on going back to regularly scheduled posts, but for now, I might just be dropping by here and there to share a thing or two. Hang tight :)

I just had to post and let you know that IT IS SNOWING today. I know, I know, big deal to some of you, but for anyone that is from the Central Valley in California, you know that this only happens like every ten years!!! In fact, this is only the third time in my life as I recall that we have gotten snow here. I actually had to put a jacket on for the first time this year, and opted for Uggs instead of flip flops as I got dressed this morning :) I drove to work and watched the snowflakes fall onto my windshield. It was beautiful and totally put me into the holiday spirit! Hope you all are enjoying this time of year!
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