Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I haven't had the time to get around to finishing ANYTHING around my house lately, let alone do any halloween decorating this year. . . so here's a quick pic of my Martha Stewart-inspired pumpkins from last year. . . I hope everyone has a great Halloween!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Room of the day

via Alexandra Interiors

 I adore every single element of this soft, feminine bedroom from the drum pendent light fixture to the tufted headboard to the sunburst mirror. Oh, and don't get me started on those metallic, gold poufs!! The color of the walls and coordinating throw pillow is soothing and of course I love that Bungalow 5 Jacqui side table!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Cultural Intrigue

I thought I would let you in on a little secret of mine, my favorite go-to source for paper lanterns, parasols, fans, candle holders and more. . . Cultural Intrigue. This fabulous company specializes in celebration decorations that come in every size, shape, and color you can imagine! Whether your event takes place in the summer or is Asian influenced, whether your theme is colorfully bright or elegantly gold, Cultural Intrigue has what you're looking for. They are a wholesale, to the trade only company so contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of their products. They have extremely reasonable rates and I would be happy to extend my discount to you!

Take a peak at a few events decorated using Cultural Intrigue's paper lanterns; 

Remember this wedding I did a while back?! Yep, those colorful bad boys are from Cultural Intrigue! I told you they come in every size, shape, and color you could imagine!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Orange & Black

Game 1 of the world series is tomorrow night. Of course being from Northern California, I'm routing for the San Francisco Giants! I come from a long line of dedicated fans (remember the surprise, 60th birthday party I planned for my dad last year that was decked out with a Giant's theme?!) To celebrate the Giants, and of course Halloween that is just around the corner, here's a plethora of interiors in orange and black;


Monday, October 25, 2010

Jolt of Color

Check out this West Hollywood apartment that belongs to Kate Schintzius that was featured on Design Sponge today. She was going after a "70's in Palm Beach" vibe and I think she hit the nail on the head! Her space is packed with vibrant pops of saturated color, just what I need to get me through a case of the Monday's!

To read the entire article go here.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Featured Designer: Palmer Weiss

Yesterday I mentioned that I was going to try and make it to the city sometime next month to attend the Elle Decorator Showhouse. Well, my plans have been confirmed and I'm so excited because my mom and two sisters are going to join me and we are even going to do a little wedding dress shopping while we're there! Yay!

Palmer Weiss is in the lineup of fantastic designers who are participating in the showhouse. She has been a favorite of mine ever since I spotted this image a while back;

Isn't this a fun girl's room, fit for a four year old on up to a teen?! 

Palmer Weiss is a southern girl with architecture and design running through her veins (her mom was an interior designer and her father worked in real estate development.)  She holds and ivy league education from Brown University and MBA from Northwest University. She moved to California 14 years ago and worked in the word of finance until 2002. Fast forward one major career change later and she claims that her experience in the business world has helped her immensely when it comes to managing client budgets and meeting key project deadlines.

Palmer Weiss's portfolio is full of classic style interiors with a fun, colorful pop! Take a quick peak into her portfolio. To see more go here

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: The bridesmaid dresses

Oh-uh, is it really Thursday already?! This week has gotten away from me somehow (although I am happy tomorrow is already Friday!) Let's just pretend it's still Wednesday for a moment, for the sake of Wedding Wednesday, ok?!

I've gotten a few eye brow lifts when describing what I want the bridesmaid dresses to look like for my wedding. The second I say the color "cream" people tend to worry that the bride (me) will blend in with the bridesmaids. Howevery, I'm not too worried about that since I will be in a long dress, and the bridesmaids will be in unmatching, shorter length dresses. Here's a few images that describe the look I have in mind;

How do you feel about the non-matching bridesmaid dress trend? Love it or hate it?

Elle Decor Showhouse, San Francisco

The first ever Elle Decor Showhouse opens in San Francisco on November 4th and runs through the 21st. The 4,500 square foot home is located in the historic St. Francis neighborhood and is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Two of my favorite designers (Jay Jeffers and Palmer Weiss) are included in the line up of talent who is participating in this event.

Take a peak at a few renderings of the spaces, done by the designers who are participating;

Child's Room, Grant K.Gibson

Living Room, Gary Spain 

Bedroom, Suzanne Tucker

Den, Will Wick

Master Bedroom, Jay Jeffers 

Breakfast Area, Palmer Weiss 

For more information on the showhouse and to see a list of all the participating designers, go here.

I'm thinking about heading to the city sometime in November to do a little wedding dress shopping and maybe check this out!
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