Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wedding Thumbprint Tree

Yep, it's that time again. . . Wedding Wednesday! Yesterday I made some excuses as to why I hadn't been posting much on the blog, but I COULDN'T let another Wednesday go by without sharing some fun wedding ideas!

Back in July I attended a wedding in Sacramento for some friends of ours. (I blogged about it here.) You might remember me mentioning that the lovely couple opted not to have a traditional guest book. In it's place they had a large, hand drawn tree rendered with various shades of green stamp pads set up next to it on the table. Each guest was asked to 'leaf' a thumb print and sign their name next to it. The end result looked amazing and was such a sweet way to document who attended their wedding!

via Me

If you are interested in purchasing a wedding thumbprint tree similar to the one above, you can contact the artist Syndel Metcalf -

Since I attended this wedding, I've starting to see this trend pop up all over the place! It's a great alternative to the traditional, old, boring guest book that's been around forever. (Which usually gets tucked away in a box after the wedding, never to be seen again.) I love this 'wedding tree' idea because it creates a custom piece of art that you can hang in your home after the wedding and is an awesome reminder of your family and friends who celebrated with you on your big day!

Etsy has a number of 'wedding trees' available for sale. Or, to make it even more personal, you or someone you know who has any sort of artistic ability could render one yourself or draw it on the computer! Take a peak at a few variations of this growing trend;

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