Monday, November 21, 2011


Do you want to know the best part about using potted orchids for table decor at your wedding? (Aside from being totally eco-friendly. . .) You get to take them home and enjoy them for months to come! Here's one of the orchids sitting on the ottoman in my living room;

Myself and several friends and family all took home the orchids that we used as centerpieces. I love that we were able to purchase these a week before the wedding (from a local farmers market for only $8 each!) and that they will last as long as they get some sun light and a little TLC.

Do you find it hard to keep orchids alive and blooming? Here's a quick tip. . . DO NOT over water them! Once every 10-14 days is typically sufficient.

Want to see my DIY orchid bouquets I made for my wedding? Go here!
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