Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Desk Reveal

The chair that I ordered for my step daughter's bedroom way back in September finally arrived!

If you recall I have been slowly but surely redoing her bedroom, one ugly piece of furniture at a time. My latest project was her desk. Take a look at the before picture;

Ugh! This hand-me-down desk and chair came from my inlaws and had been screaming for a makeover for the longest time. I debated back and forth about painting it a fun and bright color, but in the end I decided to go with white. (It's timeless and will grow with her from being a ten year old and into her teens.)  I sanded, primed and painted the piece and added new hardware and WOW what a difference!

I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing the transformation that takes place when you paint and revamp an otherwise dated and unattractive looking piece of furniture and turn it into something updated and chic! It's such a gratifying feeling.

So what do you think? Pretty drastic, right?! I love the way it turned out. Originally I had planned on finding cutesy, decorative hardware but the desk required 12 and I couldn't find anything budget friendly. I decided to go with these simple brushed nickle knobs that were only 90 cents a piece and I'm glad I did. They look perfect on the desk and coordinate with the other metal finishes in the room (like the chair, waste basket, etc.)

 Here's one more shot of the new and improved desk;

To see more on Jordyn's bedroom makeover go here, here or here. Next on the to-do list, a custom headboard and bedskirt. . .

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