Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thanks Moma!!

My birthday was last Tuesday and I received some pretty awesome gifts. I am the luckiest girl ever, I have the most amazing boyfriend, family and friends and feel so thankful and blessed! My boyfriend gifted me with three of the most gorgeous turquoise rings (I would have been happy with one, but that's just how he rolls ;) My mom and dad bought me a stunningly beautiful turquoise necklace (do you notice a theme here?! I kinda like turquoise jewelry if you couldn't tell already) as well as a rug that I have had my eye on for quite some time. You might remember me mentioning/complaining (here) about this rug from Overstock.Turns out my sneaky mom was able to snag it before it sold out! Yay!!! My living room is currently a mess, a total work in progress right now, but I just had to share the good news! Once things get pulled together a little more I will share some pictures of the space. Here's the rug in all it's glory. It's HUGE and wonderfully textured, just what the room needed!

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