Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Madeline Stuart does it again. . . Elle Decor's A-List

You might remember me mentioning that I worked for Madeline Stuart a few years ago while I was attending FIDM in Los Angeles (here). Her name pops up in Elle Decor, House Beautiful and various other design publications on a regular basis. She is known for producing a wide range of interiors whether it be rustic, contemporary, elegant and classic or funky and unique. Whatever the style of the homes she is designing, her rooms always feature a complex mix of antiques and bespoke pieces and rarely reflect any of the current design trends. As the daughter of the famous movie director Mel Stuart, and having lived in Los Angeles most of her life, it's no wonder that the majority of her clientele comes from the entertainment industry and the world of business and finance.

June 2010's Elle D├ęcor’s A-List included Madeline Stuart as one of the top 25 designers in the country. (But it's no wonder, seeing as how Margarette Russel is one of her BFF's.. I remember sending Margarete Russel flowers on her birthday from Madeline, just one of the many job responsibilities I had while employed by her! What a fun job it was, but it had its downfalls, let me tell you!) None the less, I have a huge amount of respect for Madeline and the talent of her company. Congratulations are in order, as she has worked very hard in the last 15 years to get where she is today!
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