Friday, June 25, 2010

Gallery Wall

I did it! I took the plunge! I finally created an art gallery wall in my living room and I couldn't be happier with the impact that it creates in the space! It still needs a little tweaking and the room is far from being complete, so no pictures to share just yet. I am going to be working on a big project this weekend where we will be installing an even larger art gallery wall so needless to say, I have had them on the brain for a while! Here are some images that inspired my wall, as well as the one I will be creating this weekend. I can't wait to share 'after' photos with you!

via Elle Decor

 via Belle Maison

via Design Around Denver

via Domino

via Chic Tip

via Belle Maison

via Coastal Living

via From the Right Bank

via House of Turquoise

via Young House Love

via Turquoise

via Houzz

via Chic Tip

via Kristin Buckingham

via Domino

 via Angie Hranowsky

Which look do you prefer- Matching frames hung in an organized manner? Mismatched finishes hung randomly? Or mix of both?
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