Friday, July 29, 2011

Adirondack Chair Makeover

Earlier this summer I started transforming my patio into an outdoor living area. (You might remember this post or this post.) I can't believe it took me two years of living in this house to realize how awesome it would be to have a little living room outside! Lately, I think I spend more time out there than I do sitting in my actual living room. I'm still tweaking things here and there, and have a couple small project to complete before I can show you the entire space. But I thought I would share one project I recently completed on the patio.

My mom gave me a adirondack chair that had been sitting outside, unfinished for a couple years. It was worn and weather and splintering beyond belief. I decided a bright cherry red coat of paint was just what this chair needed to bring it back to life!

Here's what the chair looked like after sanding it down to the bare wood:

(Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the crappy condition it was in before sanding. It was pretty bad, you couldn't actually sit in the chair for fear of splinters!)

I used an indoor/outdoor oil based primer (that was tinted gray) and a disposable paint brush to apply the first coat. (Oil based primers are pretty yucky and ruin your painting tools!) I let the first coat dry for about two hours and then came back and did a second coat.

Here's what the chair looked like after two coats of primer. I let the second coat of primer dry over night and came back the next day, ready to paint!

Ooh-la-la, I love this color red! It's actually called just that - Benjamin Moore 'Red'.

Isn't she pretty?! I applied the first coat of paint, let it dry for about two hours and then came back and applied the second coat. I am still trying to decide how I should finish/seal it. I've never painted outdoor furniture myself before, so I need to do a little research and find the best way to ensure that this baby stays glossy and pretty for the long haul.

Of course I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures this morning of my new chair in it's place, next to the mosaic table I made a while back and my surfboard!

Have you completed any DIY projects lately? Painted any outdoor furniture? Please share!
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