Thursday, July 14, 2011

Creating a coastal inspired space

There is no denying the fact that I am a beach-loving girl! Although I live 2 hours from the nearest coastline I try and get over to the beach as much as possible. 'Coastal inspired'  is a favorite decorating style of mine. Nothing screams casual and relaxed quite like the look of a beach dwelling. Here's some tips on how to get that beach look in your home (no matter how far you are from the nearest ocean!) 

Architectural Detail 
Exposed beams, whether rustic or painted white, are often found in beach dwellings; 

Beadboard and wood paneled (white) walls are a sure fire way to create that coastal feel, architecturally;

Rattan, wicker and bamboo pieces are a great choice when furnishing your coastal inspired space; 

Woven wood blinds to dress your windows will also add texture and add to that beachy feel in the room; 

Selecting light fixtures that are made from natural materials will also do the trick!

Fabrics such as burlap and linen also create great texture and warmth in coastal inspired spaces. Their versatility makes them suitable for everything from tablecloths and Roman shades to bedding and upholstery;

Natural fiber rugs like jute will help add texture to any space and also look great!

Typically coastal inspired interiors achieve that light, bright and airy feel by using loads of white (duh!)White slipcovers on furniture look crisp and clean and are often found in beach homes;

In fact, white in general is a great color to decorate with! Combine a white sofa with weathered furnishings, white drapes and white paneled walls and you will instantly feel that beach-y vibe!

You can balance all of this white with pops of color (blue, green or turquoise being the most obvious - hello! colors of the ocean!)

Also, I think it's important in any space, no matter how light and bright you want it, to have at least one element of dark (black or brown) to anchor the room. Notice how this bench completes the space:

Stripes are a must in any beach dwelling! I love using striped rugs to instantly create a coastal feel in any room of the house.

There is a tasteful way to do 'beachy' and a tacky way, in my opinion. An overload of sea shells and palm trees in every corner will only make it look like your trying too hard. Keep accessories natural feeling. (Of course I love using shells to decorate, but like I said, piles and piles of them every where you turn is just overload!) Here's a lovely example of the right way;

Those are just a few tips and tricks for creating a coastal, beachy feel in your home. I don't know about you, but I'm ready to hit the beach!!

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