Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Friday!

Is it sizzling hot where you are?! It sure is here. . . I'll be running some errands today and then hitting the pool, that's for sure! Today I have a special guest stopping by to talk about two of my favorite things - LIGHTING and COLOR!


On the streets and runways we're seeing hot hues as a big trend in fashion. Neons and color blocking trends are putting the focus on color this summer. Summer is definitely the season for all things hot so we wanted to bring you some ways you can dress up your home in hot hues. Enjoy!
Hot Hues for Home

Woman's Day (via)

The hot hue of orange walls really pops against the pure white of the paneling, pendant light, chairs and accessories. It's also nicely complemented by blue-gray chair upholstery. Orange and blue appear opposite each other on the color wheel and can be used as contrasting or complementary colors.
Hot Hues for Home

Colour Lovers (via)

These colored pencils demonstrate where each color falls on the color wheel. The hot hues include the pinks, reds, oranges and yellows. Cool colors would be blues, purples and greens.
Hot Hues for Home

Christian Guys (via)

Red in the bedroom doesn't have to mean the room should be overpowering. A deep red velvet headboard and hot pink striped curtains hit the right notes in this sophisticated bedroom. Add a silver or black light fixture in the middle of the room to complement the boldness of the red.
Hot Hues for Home

Barbara Gilbert Interiors (via)

Pinks, oranges and hints of yellow dress up this bedroom. The white balances all the hot hues and gives the eye a break. Such a lovely wallpaper!
Hot Hues for Home

Design Wonderland (via)

No hue is hotter than hot pink right now. This color is not only popular in the fashion world but used in the right way, can dress up a room, wall or chair in your home. This formal foyer is all dressed up with pink walls and one of our favorite light fixtures, a crystal chandelier
Hot Hues for Home

Style at Home (via)

Hot hues like red, hot pink, orange and yellow can be intense. Used as an accent, like these yellow drapes and pink and yellow pillows, can add impact without overwhelming the space.
Hot Hues for Home

Pure Home (via)

Hot hues can bring an international design to a space. This room's palette of reds, pinks and oranges recalls Indian saris or Thai silks.
Hot Hues for Home

Home Result (via)

Hot hues, for instance orange and yellow, work well with the warm browns of modern style furniture and d├ęcor. Pops of yellowy green add contrast but keep the room's palette on the warm side of the color wheel.

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