Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wedding Wednesday!

Last week I ranted about how difficult it was turning out to be to find a big house to rent near the beach for our wedding reception. (Go here to see why I don't recommend wasting your time trying to do so!) We gave up on that idea and finally decided to go the more traditional route and search for an actual wedding venue. Our initial plan was to get married in July (I've always wanted a summer wedding on the beach) but then we decided to wait until September since Santa Cruz turns into one giant tourist trap late May through early September. I searched high and low looking into probably 45 different venue options (some totally out of our budget while others were on the lower end of the spectrum.) After checking out a handful in person I'm excited to report that we finally booked a place and have set a date! October 15th in La Selva Beach!! (L.S.B. is a tiny little coastal community about 20 minutes south of Santa Cruz.) The place we found and fell in love with wasn't available until October so we are running with it!

The facility we are renting is a clubhouse that consists of a cozy hall (with a wood burning fire place!), a large kitchen, bar area and a outdoor courtyard. Here's a peak of what the outdoor area looks like:

Now envision this place just after sunset, some cafe lights and paper lanterns strung in the air, music in the background, the smell of the ocean breeze in the air, cocktail tables with adorable flower arrangements placed on top and insert a whole bunch of people having a really great time! Get the picture?!
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