Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Plain White

By now everyone knows that I am a huge fan of COLOR. As long as I can remember I have always been drawn to bright, vivid hues and wild colorful patterns. When it comes to interiors I don't think a room is complete until you add at least a little splash of color! As much as I adore color color color, I believe one must balance all of that with loads of white in order to achieve a well balanced and nicely decorated space. Here are some home decor items that I LOVE in the color white;

1. White Bedding

 via Design is Mine

via Southern Living

I LOVE my white duvet and pillow shams that I picked up at Ikea a while back. There is nothing quite like a good set of crisp, clean white bedding in my opinion!

 via Me

2. White Shower Curtains  - While there is a monstrosity of colorful and pattern infused shower curtains out there that I love, white somehow calls to me the most.

 via Country Living

I especially love white shower curtains with a little texture like this ruffled one, or like the waffle one I have in my bathroom.

via Me

3. White Towels - Growing up we always had a linen closet filled with white towels. I'm not sure if my mom just liked the look or if it was a choice based on convenience (easy to replace? easy to bleach to get clean?) Either way, I still love the look, feel and smell of clean, bleached towels! It sort of feels like I'm stepping out of the shower in a chic hotel room every morning!

 via Decorpad

4. White Sofas  - Probably the best decorating decision anyone could make. Ever.

 via Decorpad

 via Tobi Farely

 via Diane Bergeron

5. White Drapes - This first image is a two-for with the white drapes and white sofa!

 via Michelle Adams

I've blogged before about my go-to source for affordable, white drapery panels. They are so versatile and practical and work well with just about any style of decor. 

 via Unknown

Here's a three-for-the-price-of-one; White drapes, check. White bedding, check. White lampshades, (we'll get to that one in a minute) check. But notice how the room still has tons of texture and pops of color, even with all that white!

 via Frank Roop

6. White Dishes - I'm getting married this year and I am ecstatic to be able to register for new dishes, glasses, serving ware, etc. You better believe they are all going to be white!

 via House Beautiful

7. White Lamp Shades - I'm a sucker for a white drum lamp shade! Especially when paired with a fun lamp base like this silver one or the pair of gorgeous red lamps below.

via Margot Austin

via Belle Maison

Do you adore white as much as I do?!

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