Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Little Helper

What do you do when you can't get to those hard to reach places when painting? . . . . . . . . Answer - Enlist the help of a little munchkin who can!

I was sorting through old pictures on my computer recently and stumbled upon a few that made me laugh. This was quite a few years ago (that little munchkin happens to be my niece who is now a teenager!) I was helping my brother and sister in law paint and decorate their house. They had huge vaulted ceilings, all sorts of ledges and other hard to reach spots to get to with a paint brush. (Why I volunteered to do it myself and not hire a professional is beyond me. . . ) I don't think I could have gotten the job done without the help of my niece! (Side note: the paint color really wasn't as bad in person as it appears to be, honestly it wasn't a split pea color!) Nonetheless, finding these pictures put a huge smile on my face!

What about you, have you ever tackled a procect only to realize you were in over your head?!

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