Friday, August 27, 2010

Pour me another one!

Two years ago the boyfriend and I lived in a large rental home, with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. We were just starting out together and didn't have enough furniture to fill up the place! There was an oddly shaped room off of the kitchen that was approximately 9' wide by 18' long. It had a fireplace, but wasn't wide enough to be considered a separate family room. It was more of a pass through space to get outside to the large covered patio, pool and backyard.We turned the otherwise wasted space into a swanky lounge of sorts. We purchased a bar from World Market, a couple of bar stools, a rug and a light fixture and started calling it the 'bar room'. This room also housed the boyfriend's large humidor filled with his vast collection of cigars. He is what you might call a 'cigar aficionado' and has hundreds, if not thousands of cigars! He had been saving the labels off of them for a while and I decided that we needed to put them to good use.

We took his collection of cigar labels and used them to transform our store bought bar into something very unique! We sanded the top of the bar and then then spent a couple of hours every night meticulously gluing down each and every cigar label with Modge Podge. It took SO long to do, but after the entire top of the bar was covered with cigar labels, we used a pour on resin to protect it. This took several coats. The end result turned out spectacular!

Fast forward two years and we now live in a teeny-tiny house and don't have the luxury of having a 'bar room'. The bar is now tucked into a corner of our kitchen, pushed up against the wall and serves the purpose of a banquet more so than an actual bar. If I need to access the glasses or bottles inside of it, I have to move the large, heavy piece of furniture away from the wall, which is very inconvenient. I am thinking I might add a tray on top filled with frequently used bottles and glasses, add a lamp, some artwork and maybe a few other bar accessories to define the space. I'm using these images as inspiration! 

via Habitually Chic

 via Shelter

via Lonny

  via Lonny 

Speaking of bars and entertaining, bar carts have become quite popular, I've noticed! There's something very vintage feeling about them, but they have made a come back and are popping up all over the place. Whether you entertain guests a lot, or enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine in the evening, I love the idea of incorporating a area in your home exclusivly for this purpose!

via Cote de Texas

via Chinoiserie Chic

via Houzz

via Plush Palate

via Habitually Chic 

If you don't have a bar, or a bar cart you can always use a small console table or tray table to create a space for bottles, glasses and bar accessories!

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