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Essential elements for creating a stylish entry

The entrance sets the tone as to what your home is all about! Foyers and entries don't just need to be a beautiful representation of the homes' inhabitants, they need to function well too. There's a secret little formula I like to use when decorating entryways and foyers. Ok, it may not be a secret, or rocket science for that matter, but it's my no-fail combination of furniture and accessories that will create a stylish and welcoming entrance into any home!

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1. First off, you need a killer console table. Whether it's a chest of drawers or a rectangular or demilune shaped console, the table you choose sets the stage for your entry!

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2. The second element that's necessary to create a stunning entry into a home is a mirror. Yes, artwork can work well in this space, but I think a mirror is much more functional. It's great for taking one last peek at yourself as you walk in or out the door and is also great for creating the illusion of space if you are tight on square footage.

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3. Lighting, lighting, lighting. I can't say it enough! Lighting is probably the most important element in any room that gets overlooked more often than not! To create a killer entryway you need to have a either a lamp on your console table, sconces flanking the mirror, or a fabulous chandelier. One out of the three is a must, or a combination of two of these light sources is best. (All three would just be overkill, unless you are working with a very large foyer.)

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4. An arrangement of flowers is my last essential element in decorating an entryway. You can opt for a small potted plant instead, but I prefer fresh cut flowers or a potted orchid to add some life to the space. Even a simple flower bud placed in a small vase will do the trick as well!

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5. Extra bonus points if you can squeeze in seating of some sorts in your entry. It's functional when pausing to sort through mail, to slip on shoes before racing out the door, or to set a purse or bag on. This can be done by means of a chair, ottoman(s) or stool(s). My personal preference is (2) stools strategically placed underneath a console table or flanking each side of a chest of drawers.

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6. Extra, extra bonus points if you have an accent wall done in wallpaper, a bold choice of paint , or interesting wall treatment that differs from the rest of your house. It helps make a bold statement and is great for a transitional space like an entry.

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7. Extra, extra, extra bonus points if you have an umbrella stand!

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Ok, I know what you are thinking. . . While all of these entryways and foyers are fabulous and stunning, and right out of the pages of a magazine, how can you make this equation fit into your home, without sacraficing the need for function?! Take a look at this space that includes all of my basic components for a stylish entry, but is also practical for everyday living.

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Console, check. Mirror, check. Lighting, check. Flower arrangment, check. Seating, check. Bold choice of paint color, check. It even includes a place for keys, bills, junk mail, purse and scarve, a paper shredder, and charging center for cell phones. This is proof that you don't have to sacrafice style in order to achieve a functioning space! 

If you are like me and aren't fortunate enough to have a designated space in your home to call an 'entry' (ie: your front door opens directly into your living room) there are still ways you can deliniate the space and make it stylish! You can use a shelving unit or screen to create the illusion of a dividing wall, or even a low bookshelf or sofa table with a lamp placed on top to break up the two spaces.

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What does your entryway look like? Does it include any of the essential elements I've outlined? Or, is it more functional and include coat hooks, storage, etc?
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