Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fabulous Painted Floors

I've painted walls, ceilings, doors, furniture, cabinets, mirrors and various accessories like lamps and frames, but I have never painted a floor! I am so inspired by these images today, it makes me want to clear out a room, grab some painter tape and a roller and go to town!

Here's ten reasons why you should paint your floor! (As taken from My Home Ideas)

1. It's an easy weekend project!
2. It's less expensive than refinishing and staining old hardwood floors
3. Paint hides flaws and imperfections in the floor - You can even paint over concrete or linoleum
4. It easily suits any look from traditional to modern
5. A painted floor withstands every day use and the patina gets better with age
6. It helps define small spaces and can make a hallway or bath stand out from the rest of the home
7. It's always a fun conversation piece!
8. A painted floor brightens any space
9. There is no better way to add a large scale pattern to a room
10. It's easy to maintain, just mop with soap and water

via Elle Decor

via Belle Maison

via Coastal Living

via Decorno 

via myhomeideas

via Decor Pad

Do you like the look of a painted floor? Or do you prefer adding interest on the floor through patterned rugs? Do tell! 
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