Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Home Renovation: The Bagster

More and more people these days are taking on what previously would have been a job for professionals, and turning them into do-it-yourself projects. Home renovating can be a stressful but rewarding task. Let me tell you, there is nothing quite as invigorating as holding a 16 lb. sledge hammer in your hands and swinging away at drywall or tile! While the demolition process is super fun (in my opinion, at least!) cleaning up the mess isn't!

Retailers these days are making it easier and easier for the average joe to tackle home renovation projects on their own. You might have seen the TV commercials recently for the 'Bagster', which is a three cubic yard bag that you purchase from any home center (such as Lowes or Home Depot.) You take the expandable bag home, fill it with all of your home remodeling debris, and then schedule to have it picked up by Waste Management. The bags initially cost approximately $30 and holds up to 3,300 lbs of waste.

There are several pro's for purchasing the Bagster for small DIY projects at home. It eliminates the need to rent a dumpster or haul off your own waste. You are free to place the bag anywhere on your property, as long as it's within 16 feet of your driveway. Also, it's a flexible solution because the bag is yours to use, whenever you need, so you can take as long as want to fill it. Once you're ready for the bag to be hauled off, you just go online or call to schedule a picked up. The cost for pickup ranges depending on your area (My zip code costs $99 for pickup, for example.) I haven't personally used this product, but from the reviews I have read, most people are pretty satisfied with them! 

Although products like The Bagster can make things a little easier, not everyone has the time and energy to do-it-yourself when it comes to a home renovation project. If you are interesting in remodeling and would like to hire a designer, let me know! I am available for projects in the Northern and Central California areas. I will work with you to come up with a design, draw plans, assist with getting the necessary permits, finding a contractor and getting started! Contact me for more information.
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