Friday, May 6, 2011

Create a High Look on a Low Budget with The Design Pages

I have another special guest today who is going to share some tips on creating a high-end look on a low-end budget!  Read on for some great ideas. . .


Hi everyone, it's Carol from The Design Pages. I am honoured to be here sharing my ideas for high look on a low budget today. As we move away from conspicuous consumption, more and more people want a home they love but on a budget. I am a huge fan of DIY projects and thrifting so I know it's possible to stay true to your style and keep a tight reign on the bank account.

It’s been a while since the days when people had money to throw at their interior design projects. Everyone is conscious of budget today but bit still wants to achieve the high end look. Even if your budget doesn’t include hiring a designer, here are a few tricks to make it appear as though you did.

There are a plethora of fabulous furniture finds on Craigslist. This can be a huge budget buster if you are willing to search and be patient. Many of the items will need to be reupholstered or painted in order to give them a new life but you can really score some amazing deals on antique and quality furniture.

This solid wood night table was purchased on Craigslist recently for $25. With a little paint and some silver leaf applied to the top and the handles I have a brand new night table for my daughter’s room. There’s no way I would find a deal like that shopping retail.

This morning I found this French Provincial chair listed on my local Craigslist for $125. Beside it is an example of what it could look like with some reupholstering and maybe even a sanding or painting on the wood.

Regardless of your home’s style, fabric can add a richness and elevate the room from ordinary to fabulous. If you don’t sew look for pre-made panels. These panels from Restoration Hardware can be as simple as cotton or as elegant as Thai silk and still won’t break the budget.

Look to etsy and artisan markets for handmade pillows. They are usually much more likely to be on trend than those you find in the big box stores. You’ll also find sales on last year’s trends.

If you are lucky enough to know how to sew you’ll save even more. Watch fabric stores for sales and stock up. It’s possible to get remnants of designer fabrics for under $10/yard.

Proper lighting can really enhance the feel of a room. Try to have at least 2 or 3 lighting sources in a large space. Oversized light fixtures are really hot right now. They can make a huge impact but can be found for a steal at some of the big box stores. All of these light fixtures have a high end look but are all from Home Depot.

When it comes to design, a little imagination goes a really long way. Try to be creative in your purchases and you’ll stretch the budget further than you ever thought possible.

Thanks Carol! To see some more great DIY projects and ideas, head over to The Design Pages!!! Happy Friday everyone!
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