Thursday, January 13, 2011

Countertop Surfaces

As we all know, granite has been the go-to selection for countertops for the past several years. The natural beauty of granite and it's unrivaled durability is what has made it such a popular choice for new home builders and remodelers alike. But like all things, trends change and in my opinion granite is already on it's way out the door. Here's several alternatives to granite countertops that I think you will be seeing more and more of in this decade;

Carrera Marble - This is a no brainier, carrera marble countertops are what's hot hot hot right now! Although it's not as durable as the trusty granite (it's more likely to scratch or stain) it's gorgeous look and feel is enough to win over home owners.Carrera marble will slightly age over time and with maintenance and proper care will still look great after several years.

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Wood Countertops - Also know as 'butcher block counters', this eco-friendly choice is gaining in popularity.
Wood counters require periodic oiling to prevent them from drying out but they add a warmth that no other material can.

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Quartz Composites - This is a new and growing trend that is gaining in popularity due to it's quality, richness and overall look. Natural quartz is the fourth hardest material available in nature, but quarts surfacing that is used in these countertops is manufactured by combining about 93% quartz crystals with resin binding and color pigments under high pressure. Quartz composite countertops are also referred to as 'engineered stone'. Like granite, they resist heat, scratching and stains. Unlike granite, they do not require sealing, as they are not 100% natural.


Concrete Contertops - Although very labor intensive, the end result looks spectacular! Concrete countertops are very sleek and modern looking and definately withstand the test of time.

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Concrete with Glass Aggregate - This is one of my favorite countertop selections! The possibilities are endless when it comes to combining these two materials. 


Stainless Steel - Very industrial and chic, stainless steel was once only used in commercial kitchens. Fast forward to present day and you are seeing these installed in homes.

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Of course these are just a few of the many options available on the market today. What is your favorite countertop surface? 

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