Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Location, Location, Location

The first and biggest  decision we have been faced with in the beginning steps of planning our wedding has been choosing a location. From the get go my fiance Paul and I have wanted to get married on the beach, toes-in-the-sand style. We've narrowed down the destination to the Santa Cruz/Aptos area and have  checked out a few beaches that are somewhat secluded. (What would be worse than getting hit in the head with a volley ball while reciting your vows?!)

Ideally, we thought we would be able to find a vacation rental house on the beach where we could hold the wedding reception. Something with a large yard and within walking distance to the sand would be ideal! Well, the more we've looked, the more frustrated I have become. Finding something that is 1) within our budget, 2) available in July, 3) has adequate parking, and 4) has a large enough space to hold several tables and room for guests to mingle has proved to be quite challenging!

Wedding plans have not progressed much because I feel like I can't make any other decsisions until we nail down the location. Although I have visions runing through my head, images saved on my computer and a binder full of ideas, I can't comit or move forward just yet! Hang tight. . .

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