Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: A few ideas

Yep, it's that time again!! Last week I mentioned how we are still searching for the perfect place to hold our wedding reception next summer and that it's holding up the entire planning/decision making process. Although I can't commit 100% to anything until we get the venue squared away, I do have lots of ideas I would like to incorporate into our wedding reception. Here's a few of them:

Guest book: We would like to do something a little more creative when it comes to documenting our family and friends that are able to attend our celebration. I love the idea of doing a wedding thumbprint tree! I have a friend who I work with that is an artist who I am going to ask to render a tree on a canvas for us. We'll set it up on a table and ask guests to 'leaf' a thumbprint and sign their name. The end result will (hopefully) be an amazing work of art that we will be able to hang in our home for years and will be a constant reminder of our wedding day!

Dessert: Instead of spending a small fortune on a single wedding cake, Paul and I would like to incorporate a dessert table. I love the idea of guests being able to choose from a variety of different cakes, pies and other treats!

Wedding Favors: Now a days, you can get just about anything made with a custom label on it to give your guests (candles, picture frames, coasters, etc.) Instead of sending guests away with a cheesy little gift with our names and wedding date printed on it, I would rather thank them with a special treat! Since our wedding is going to be one giant DIY project, I like the idea of baking something sweet to hand out at the end of the evening! I'm using this image below as my inspiration.

Family Photos: I plan on having an area where we will display photos from our parents and grandparents weddings, as sort of a tribute to them as well as the institution of marriage. I also like the idea of displaying old and new photos of us and I think clipping them clothesline-style is super cute!

These are just a few of the many elements we will be incorporating into our wedding reception. Next week I'll talk a little more about ideas for the ceremony!
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