Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Cards

Every year when the holidays roll around I tell myself that I am going to make the effort and set aside time to send out Christmas cards. But like so many other things, it sort of falls by the way side and before you know it the holidays have come and gone and the cards never get put in the mail! This year is different though. I'm promising myself that I will take the time to get organized and get it together! Now that Paul and I are engaged and his kids will soon be my step children, I feel like we can officially send out a family Christmas card with our happy faces plastered all over it!

I'm super excited to send out Christmas photo cards to all of our family and friends and have already started toying with some ideas. has some amazing designs available to choose from. Take a peak at a few that caught my eye!

They have so many to choose from, it's sort of hard to make a decision! I've played around with a few different designs and think I've decided on a photo collage, post card style Christmas card to send out to all our family and friends this year. Something similar to one of these;

Shutterfly also has some great photo gift ideas, personal calendars you can customize and a whole lot more cool stuff!

Also, to fill you in on a little secret, Bloggers can get 50 free cards from Shutterfly by going here and joining in on the fun!
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