Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wedding Wednesday!

Wedding Wednesday's sort of fell off the face of the earth around here, but they are back by popular demand! What better way to celebrate hump day than to get a peak into some wonderful wedding goodness, right?!

Mason jars aren't just for your grandmother's jams and preserves anymore! There are so many different ways to have a budget friendly wedding, and using mason jars is one of them. Typically you can find a dozen clear, glass mason jars for under $15. Take a look at all the clever ways of putting them to use in a wedding or special event; 

Mason jars make awesome candle centerpieces. You can place them intermittently amongst flowers or group them en mass for an illuminated table scape!

I love the idea of using mason jars (or any jars for that matter) as hanging candle holders. Again, they make the most impact when grouped together, or you can attach them to a tree trunk to illuminate a walkway. Go here to view a simple tutorial on how to make these.

Of course the most obvious way to incorporate mason jars into a wedding's decor is by using them to hold flowers for table centerpieces. They look great whether they hold a bouquet or just a simple, single bud.

Mason jars filled with flowers are a great way to decorate the isle for a wedding ceremony as well.

Another great way to use them at a wedding or special event is to fill jars with a fun beverage like strawberry lemonade to serve to guests.

Candy tables are HUGE right now at weddings (and I personally LOVE them, who doesn't enjoy compiling their own grab bag full of treats to take home?!) You can fill mason jars with various types and flavors of candy to for your guests to create their own wedding favor.

Speaking of wedding favors, mason jars can be used in a number of ways to creating something special for your guests to take home with them and remember your event by. Fill them with bird seed, flower seeds, dry cookie or brownie mix, or even jam. You can customize them with a sticker or note attached, thanking your guests for being apart of your special day.

To purchase mason jars on the cheap, go here, here or here or you can typically purchase them at any grocery or hardware store as well.

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