Friday, April 2, 2010

Great Angle

Photographing interiors isn't easy. You can have a gorgeous room that is stunning in person turn out looking bland and boring if you don't shoot it from just the right angle, with the correct lighting, etc. I know, I have tried time and time again and somehow fall short with my photography efforts every time. Hiring a professional to shoot interior spaces is always the best option, but a lot of times we have to do it ourselves! One thing on my New Years resolution list this year was to learn more about photography, editing and manipulating photos, and in turn be able to take better shots of the spaces I decorate.

I am finding a lot of photos in my inspiration files that focus more on zoomed in vignettes, as apposed to taking a picture of the entire room. Take for example this angle  that I am in love with! It's a close up showcasing a little bit of all the important elements in a bedroom-- bedding, headboard, nightstand, lamp, accessories, etc. It's like it gives you a taste of the room, without letting you see the whole thing, and makes you beg for more! I am definitely going to try shooting some pictures from this angle the next time I photograph a bedroom!

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