Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ideas for organizing your jewelry

Recently I blogged about organizing my jewelry. I was inspired by this image to overhaul my jewelry drawer:

I only WISH I had this much beautiful turquoise and coral jewelry!

Then I started thinking. . . how do other people organize their jewelry? In a fancy jewelry box? On the wall with hooks? On top of a dresser? A jewelry tree? In your closet? I once had a walk-in closet in an old apartment and I used hooks to hang all of my necklaces and bracelets. It was wonderful being able to see everything I own all at once and it made it easier deciding what to put on (or take off) in the morning!



Go to Centsational Girl for the how to on creating your own jewelry tree!


I LOVE the idea of using tea cups and saucers to keep your earrings organized! I might have to incorporate this into my jewelry drawer!


Design Sponge is currently running a series showcasing creative ways to organize and store jewelry. 


How do you keep all of your jewelry, accessories and baubles organized?
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