Monday, January 25, 2010

Baby Steps

January should just be dubbed "International Organizing Month" in my opinion. It's the time of year when you look around and say to yourself, "how did I let this get so out of control?!" and start making plans for the new year to get organized. I'm the type of person who loves a neat, clean, picked up home. I can't go to bed at night if all the chairs at the table aren't pushed in, pillows on sofa aren't fluffed or dishes are still in the sink. BUT, open up any one of my drawers or closets, and well, that's another story!

I recently tackled one of the 10,956 projects I have on my todo list this year (as far as home improvement, organizing and decorating go) and thought I would share with you a little 'before and after'. Here is my jewelry drawer before I took the plunge and decided to organize it;

And here it is, after!


Now. . . on to the linen closet, desk, pantry, laundry cabinet, media shelves. . .
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