Friday, February 4, 2011

Bathroom Envy

There is only one thing I loathe about our little house that was built in the 50's. . . the bathroom situation. We only have one! While we were house hunting we fell in love with a small, quaint neighborhood and a house that had a lot of charm, so we sacrificed the whole multiple bathroom thing in hopes that we could make it work. . . and we have. . . but that doesn't mean I don't dream of bigger and better ones! Here's some gorgeous, spacious bathrooms that have me drooling with envy;

via Architectural Digest

  via Coastal Living

 via Sarah Richardson

 via Windsor Smith

I think this bathroom below takes the cake for me!
via Decorpad

via Four Walls and a Roof

via Decorpad

via Decorpad

via House of Turquoise

via Decorpad

via Colour Me Happy

via VT Interiors

If you would like to see what my teeny-tiny bathroom looks like, you can check it out here!
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