Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Project Update: My Bathroom

My bathroom has been a work in progress for a few months now. After the arrival of my new striped Dash & Albert rug, I was finally motivated to do a little accessorizing! Here's how the space has evolved over the last few months;

 This is what the bathroom looked like when we first moved in. One word to describe it- Blah!

As you can see, here I am in the process of transforming the old, out dated oak vanity.

Finally, the bathroom got put back together! A fresh coat of paint on the walls, painted vanity and new hardware, new light fixture, mirror and shower curtain. It was finally starting to look a little better!

Here's what the bathroom looks like now with the new rug, new glass shelf and a few new accessories and art.

Here's a close up of the tray that I painted yellow (it was originally blue) as well as a few of the new accessories.

Disclaimer: As a designer, I do not endorse the use of faux flowers. However, if I feel the need to place them in my own home, so be it! Please don't judge :)

The bathroom still needs A LOT of work (ie: new countertop, sink and fixture, tile the floor, and the list goes on. . . ) But in the mean time, at least it looks cute with a fresh coat of paint and some fun, playful chotchkies!
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