Monday, February 7, 2011

Tray Makeover

I've been looking for a tray to set on top of my large leather ottoman in my living room. I've always loved this tray below from West Elm but never took the plunge and purchased it.

via here

While perusing the isles of Ross in hopes to find a bargain, I spotted a large black lacquered tray that was in need of some TLC. It was beat up, of course the wrong color, but the price tag said only $7.99 so I purchased it without thinking twice!

I sanded the tray, cleaned it up with soap and water and then let it dry. Next I used a coat of spray primer, and then spray painted it two coats of glossy white. To make it extra durable and also to give it that laquered look that I love so much I sprayed it with a clear gloss to finish it off.

Now I have a gorgeous, white lacquered tray to hold magazines, a cigar box that houses remotes and other little treasures on my ottoman! Since I already had all the materials (sand paper, spray paint, etc.) this little project only cost me $7.99. Gotta love that!

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