Monday, July 26, 2010

Gone Country

I'm a big fan of country music, and always have been. Imagine how excited I was to get to see Faith Hill in concert on Friday night! She's drop dead gorgeous, an uber talented singer and a country music icon who I have adored for a while now. I've always consider myself a 'country girl' at heart. (My parents live on a farm, I was raised in a home that had quilts hanging on the walls and rooster decor, and my dad was a rodeo star back in his day, so it's sort of in my genes!) Although my specific design tastes are anything BUT country, I can appreiciate the elements that make up this style.

That got me thinking. . . what defines 'Country' when it comes to decorating? No, it's not just rooster chotchkies and denim quilts. 'Country' style is defined by being casual, cozy and comfortable. This style makes use of rustic and primitive pieces, but it's really the simplicity that defines it. The layering of different patterns, colors and textures contribute to the feel as well. A better word for "country" home decorating might be "lived in" or "at home" look. It can mean a lot of different places and eras ranging from "English Country" to "Rustic Americana". Country style decorating suggests a sense of  comfort, hospitality and the friendliness that comes with living in the country.

Take a look at a few of these spaces that have that casual country vibe going on. They are all very nicely decorated, but feel comfortable and inviting and not at all stuffy or pretentious. They're the kind of place that no one will yell at you if you kick your feet up (or come in the door with manure on your boots for that matter :)

And speaking of country folk, are ya'll farmiliar (yes, I'm from California and I just said 'ya'll' :) with The Pioneer Woman? I bought her cookbook for my mom for Christmas I have been hooked ever since! She's an amazing blogger that writes daily about her transition from spoiled city girl to domestic country wife. She's a  mother of four, lives on a cattle ranch and refers to her husband as 'Marlboro Man'. I love it!

images via Country Living, Sarah Richardson and various other unknown sources

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