Monday, November 2, 2009

Arco Floor Lamp

Originally designed in 1962 by Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni for Flos, the Arco Lamp is one of the classics of modern lighting design. The design of the lamp was originally inspired by a streetlight and is innovative in that is provides overhead lighting without requiring ceiling suspension. You can find the Arco lamp available through Design Within Reach for $2,696, or there are many reproductions available ranging from $200 and up.

I scored one of the knock offs at a consignment store a few years back. While it's not as tall as the actual Arco lamp (which is eight feet tall) it was a steel of a deal for only $40! Since then, I have dragged it from apartment to apartment, house to house (I have moved SEVERAL times in the last five years) and it has come with me everywhere. I absolutely LOVE this lamp. Although it's only a replica of the original, it makes me feel like I have a little slice of mid-century modern history living in my home (Based on the wiring and the base of the lamp, I am pretty sure it dates back to the seventies.) But there is only one problem. . .

Every room mate/boyfriend/house guest/etc. that I have had since I obtained this super cool lamp has absolutely hated it!!! I have moved it around in several positions, ranging from over the coffee table, over a dining table, even in a corner in a room that didn't get used that often, and no matter where I put it, it seems it's always in the way! If it's not falling over and crashing on the floor, someone is bumping their head on it or something! Although I absolutely love this lamp and can tolerate the occasional knot of the forehead from it, I have to admit that one time while watching a really funny movie, I did some sort of crazy jumping up off the couch move while throwing my head back, only to bust my upper lip on the metal of the lamp. Blood was everywhere. It was quite humorous! Even after that, I still insisted on keeping the lamp.

After the last move I made (into a super tiny house) I finally was convinced that the lamp needed to go into storage. . . So for now I can't enjoy my super cool lamp, but someday I will find a home for it in my house! (Even if I have to suffer an occasional accident or two with the metal monstrosity!)

Check out some of these interiors that have Arco floor lamps. I wonder if the people who live here ever busted a lip on the damn thing?!


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