Thursday, August 13, 2009

Drapery Distaster

I want these. I need these. If I don't get these (SOON) I am going to go crazy!

Let me explain. . . a few months ago I purchased some drapery panels from Target online and, while I was really excited about them to begin with, I have come to HATE them. They are dark, they are cheap looking, and most of all, they depress me every time I walk into the living room. Solution: Sell them on ebay or craigslist and go back to the you-never-can-fail, good-ol-ikea Add Imagedrapery panels (yes, I am a decorator and refuse to say 'curtains'. That and 'couch' are two words that are not allowed in my house. haha)

At $40 a pair (times two) it won't set me back too much, plus, whatever I can get by selling the hideous ones online will offset the cost (Just doing a little self justification ;) Only problem is, you can not purchase these online, so that means I have to take a trip up to Sacramento (only about 45 minutes from Lodi.) And a trip to Ikea just to get one thing always turns into a huge disaster (on my credit card) and a car load of stuff that I just can not live without :)
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