Thursday, August 20, 2009

2 sq. ft. Office

Yes, you heard me correctly, 2 sq. ft.!!! I am in the process of turning what-used-to-be a 24" x 12" linen closet into my "office". (I crack myself up every time I refer to it as that!)

We recently moved into a (much smaller) house that has required us to become a little bit more creative when it comes to organizing and storing the things we use on a daily basis. (This is something that I am no stranger to! My first apartment in Los Angeles was a studio built in the 20's. You had to go through my closet to get to the bathroom! More on that later!) Since then I have been so blessed to have larger spaces to call home. Well, opportunity was knocking a few months back and we purchased a home. The new place is"quaint" (aka, very charming, but very small!) Eventually I would love to enclose the back patio and turn it into my office and studio, but until then, I will make due with my "closet-office", store craft supplies in the garage, and using the dining room table as a large work surface when need be.

I found this picture below today, which is very similar to my space (minus the Ghost Chair. I would KILL for that chair, but this ikea beauty will due for now.) My goal this weekend is to get my "office" completed and post pictures up here next week!

Photo taken from desiretoinspireblog
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