Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Quick Before & After

Although I haven't had time yet to get around to styling and taking proper pictures of this bathroom remodel I've been working on, I'm dying to share it with you! The before shot is quite horrendous and not for the weak of stomachs (LOL!) The walls were a faux finish metallic purple paint and the vanity dated back to the 60's. Brace yourself, it's pretty bad. . .

Here's a quick shot of how things are looking now;

There are still a few missing components (like an updated and centered light fixture and accessories) but all in all this bathroom remodel is moving along quite nicely! I get giddy when I look at the new countertop and subway tile backsplash - SUCH a huge difference. Oh, and the although the purple paint job might have been pretty many years ago, the gray walls looks so fresh and updated now. Like I said, I'll share more details and better pictures with ya'll sometime soon!

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