Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The Favors

Yes, it's the end of January and yes there are still some details from my October wedding that I haven't gotten around to sharing with you yet. . . Like the DIY wedding favors!

I searched high and low for something unique to give our wedding guests to take home with them. I wanted it to be something I could make myself and wouldn't cost a lot of money. (We were trying to stick to a tight budget, remember?!) I also liked the idea of something that could be used again and again, not something cheesy that guests would throw in the trash after the wedding. I stumbled upon this tile coaster idea and fell in love!

 via The Cottage Home

I was obsessed with the idea of giving our guests something handmade that they could use in their own home. I thought these tile coasters were not only adorable but would be pretty simple to make and fit the bill perfectly! Here's what my supply list looked like:

- 200 tile coasters purchased from Habitat for Humanity
- Book of colorful scrapbook paper 
- 2 bottles of Mod Podge 
- Several foam brushes
- 2 yards of black felt (for the backs so that the tiles don't scratch furniture surfaces)
- Fabric glue
- Clear acrylic spray paint

I rounded up a couple of girls to help me on a Saturday back in July and we went to town making tile coasters. I precut all of the scrapbook paper and black felt in order for us to set up one giant assembly line. It took all afternoon and evening but at the end of the day we had made enough coasters for each guest to take two home with them. I tied them together using hemp twine and placed a sticker on the back thanking guest for sharing our special day with us. 

At the wedding we placed a set of coasters at each place setting. I love how all the bight and bold patterns looked against the rustic burlap table runners.

I can't tell you how excited I get when we visit friends or family and see OUR wedding coasters sitting out on their coffee tables or side tables in their living rooms! 

To see the tutorial that I followed to make these awesome coasters, go here!

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