Thursday, September 15, 2011

Project Update: Jordyn's Bedroom

There has been a whole lotta painting go'in on around my house, that's for sure! Last week I revealed the bookcase in my soon-to-be stepdaughters bedroom that I revamped with a little paint and restyling. Well, the painting shenanigans didn't stop there. . . I'm in the midst of tackling another piece of furniture from her bedroom with a coat of fresh, new paint. Here's a picture I snapped yesterday of the progress:

I've since applied primer and am getting ready to throw on the first coat of glossy, white paint. Once I'm done painting and sealing the desk, I think some cutsie new hardware is definitely in order. I'm considering something like this:

I'm also considering this lamp I saw at Lowes yesterday: 

I have a soft spot when it comes to turquoise, gourd shaped lamps! This one is the perfect size to sit on top of the desk, and at only $24.99 I think I can squeeze it into the budget.

I found a really fun and funky starburst mirror at HomeGoods recently to go above the headboard (more on that project later.) I love it, and for $12 it can't be beat!!

(I'm not sure why the walls look like they are painted a pink-coral color?! They are just boring beige until I work up the energy and find the time to re-paint them! It must be a camera-reflection-thing.)

Yesterday I ordered this chair from Home Decorators to go with the desk:

It's called the 'James Side Chair' but we all know it's a Bertoia look-a-like! Although I am a huge fan of the mid-century designer chair, I could never in a million years consider spending $539 on the real Bertoia version, especially since it's just going into a kid's bedroom. When I saw the look-a-like from Home Decorators on sale for $79, I was SOLD! The vinyl seat pad of course with get a cover made out of a cute, colorful, coordinating fabric.

I'm so excited that this bedroom makeover is finally starting to come together! I'll share more with you later as I get closer to being complete! (If you want to see my initial design plans for this space, go here.) 

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