Monday, March 29, 2010

Finding Balance

Young House Love  did a post today on bedroom formulas that instantly create a pulled together space. You know the equation - two identical bedside tables, two matching lamps, a patterned duvet, bed skirt, headboard or throw pillows, a focal point above the bed, and a rug on the floor and badabing, dababoom you have a fabulous looking bedroom! Of course this is some really great, simple decorating advice, but what about mixing it up a bit and still achieving balance?

Take for example this bedroom that was featured on La Dolce Vita recently. I adore this space more than words can express! I love that it is pulled together using 'collected' peices of furniture and accessories and that it doesn't follow the typical 'bedroom equation'. This chic bedroom space still has a strong sense of balance, but it has a more personal feel to it. Sorting through my inspiration files on bedrooms I only came across a couple of images that showcase this unique decorating style. Obviously it is a lot easier to create balance with matching peices flanking the bed, but don't completely dismiss the idea of mixing and matching using your favorite things!
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