Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Room of the day

Sometimes I see interiors in shelter magazines or on blogs and wonder "does any body really live there?!" You know what I mean, the furniture looks like it's never been sat in, the light colored rug looks like it's never seen shoes (or kids, or dogs, etc.) I feel like my person design aesthetic over the last several years has gravitated from "picture perfect" to a more lived-in style. Take for example this room below. It's oh-so-chic but it really does have that feeling like someone actually lives there, like you can imagine someone curled up on that sofa reading a book and wrapped up in a blanket. . .

via Lonny
Last summer an old friend came to our house for the first time. After walking around our small but cozy home, she said to me "your house is decorated so nicely but it's still so comfortable, I'm not afraid to kick my feet up." I felt like that was the greatest compliment I could ever receive!

What about you, do you lean towards "picture-perfect" or is your design style more comfortable and laid back?

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