Friday, December 30, 2011

Red & Gray Color Combo

Red and gray is a unique color combination that I am seeing more and more of lately. Since gray has become the new 'neutral' in interior design, red is a great option for a coordinating color. Red is a stimulating color that evokes our senses while gray tends to be a more calming and relaxing hue. When you pair the two together, the juxtaposition is fabulous! Add in some pops of white and I am a huge fan of this color combo! Take a peak at a few examples of how these two colors look when paired together;

via Houzz

via Real Simple

via designdazzle.blogspot

via Etsy

via HGTV

via Color Sizzle

via Decorpad

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

What do you think about combining red and gray? Love it or hate it?!

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